Lonesome not Lonely.


The Brewhouse Inn & Suites - This hotel used to be a Pabst Brewery. My wife saw that I was being driven insane by staying in Chicago for nearly a month (what can I say; I’m weak), so she decided we were going to take a “day and a half trip” to Milwaukee and see art, drink beer, and stay in a sweet hotel. It was just what I needed. Hell ya for having an awesome partner!

I miss Wisconsin.
Especially this time of year.

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Artist on tumblr - Julie Sarloutte is a French artist, graduate from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris, France. She focuses on embroidery, but she isn’t making clothes; using string, Sarloutte creates pieces so detailed that they appear to be composed of paint strokes instead of individual stitches. Sarloutte draws inspiration from technology and the media, as her work focuses on what the world news is covering. Omnipresent tragedies such as war, hostages, natural disasters and repression are most often the subjects of her embroideries. She also works with painting and mosaic, every method leading to what she believes is an unexpected contrast between the subject she is portraying and the material it is being made from via

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These are pretty amazing.

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